Videographer attacked by cosplayers

The dangers of being a cosplayer videographer as seen from a 1st person perspective. I barely made it out alive!!

WARNING: Video may cause motion sickness

This is a very brief video I shot during AE’s early summer event: Anime Evolution: Harumatsuri 2017. It took place at the Nikkei Cultural Center and I was able to attend for half a day due to a mis-hap on the skytrain: I left my main video camera behind on one of the trains.

A special thanks to the staff at TransLink and the #Vancouver #Samaritanswho handed it into the transit lost and found where I was able to get it back the same day. It would of been very difficult to replace the camera and tripod had they been lost. I shall continue my cosplay video series!!

This video, however, was not shot with my main camera but rather my GoPro camera. I figured out a way to get the camera to sit in the middle of my face to create a surreal 1st person perspective.

This is also the first time I’ve used vibrancy to make the colors of the video appear sharper. Its the same thing I do with in my photography editing app. Only difference is I can’t adjust the strength of individual colors. However, there are lots of other options to help enhance the quality of video clips in the future.

Thanks to the following cosplayers for starring in this video and not hurting me ;P

Regulars: Assassin of Vancouver, The Man in Hood Cosplay, and Kimyona Cosplay

Newbies: Darkestic Cosplay/fashion, Imperious Vixen Cosplay, Mooncakee Cosplay, Tsun Cosplay, and Dragon Sparks.

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Happy New Years 2017

Hi guys. Happy New years!!

One last video before we head off to 2017. This one being of Akimatsuri which took place prior to Christmas.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in cosplay videos his year!! A special thanks to Cutey Kitty and her DC sister who have been in over 10 videos over the course of 2 years. A salute to their cosplay achievements.

R our lovely community! Stay strong and see you in the new year!!

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Vancouver Halloween Expo 2016 Cosplays

Happy Halloween everyone. I hope everyone had a good time at the Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo earlier last week. I was there for about a Day and a quarter. I was a bit sick on the 2nd day so I didn’t come in till about 6 to shoot 2 extra cosplay shots. I thought it was going to be a really short video but wound up being about 6 minutes of cosplay shots.

I went all out with the Halloween themed music along with adding a random but amazing track in the final section( The music in the credits was none other then the cosplay band Bloco Energia.

Among the cosplayers you will see in the video:

Scary Cosplays at intro starring Inuki Cosplay, Candy Happy (twice) on Instagram, Bloco Energia, DvV Art & Design, and Cynister Threads.

More scary Cosplays at 1:53 Starring I-am-Perry Cosplay, SewCute Cosplay, Lana del Cosplay, and Tien Neo Eamas(

Zombie Slayer Cosplays at 3:08 starring Crossbones Cosplay and Draco Mac Cosplay.

Zombie Survivors at 4:36 starring RosieDoll on Instagram, Zara Troy on Youtube(, Starrycorpse who’s also on instagram, and Marc Jurock Sci-fi Real Estate Guy.

Thanks again to everyone for starring in this video. I will look forward to seeing you all again for Fan Expo.

Trick or Treat.

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No new videos for a little while.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to mention that I won’t be putting up a video for a little while as I am working on a Blue-ray/DVD video for my stepsister and her husband of their wedding that took place about 2 weeks ago. I won’t be posting on YouTube at all as it is a private family event.

So in the meantime I will leave you this. This will be one of the songs I will use for the wedding video. It’s an emotional theme from a Japanese show I saw on Netflix called “Atelier”. Beautiful show with gorgeous cinematography and lots and lots of emotion. Highly recommended if you like Japanese Drama or are a fan of fashion.

I should hopefully get it done in a week and then start on the next video. I wouldn’t mind getting the next Japan video done although probably one of the cosplay shoot videos would be good too. I’m not sure if I’ll be shooting for the Halloween event or not since it was a bad event last year. I might just shoot the parade.

Hope everyone has a great remainder of September. Please wish me a happy birthday this coming 26th.

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Anime Evolution 2016: Cosplay Contest

Hello. Haven’t posted here in a while since I’ve been mostly using Facebook for blogging. May as well share here too.

This video features about 10 minutes of every cosplay seen at the contest which took place on the 2nd day of Anime Evolution 2016. About 30 participants, newbies to professionals, partook in the show. They had a long catwalk they where able to use that allowed everyone to see them every well.

The video also features some sword playfighting that starts at 3:39.

Among the cosplayer seen? Bibimbap Cosplay doing his Overwatch cosplay, I-am-Perry Cosplay doing Sailor Rini, and Shoop Cosplay seen once in an exclusive cosplay shot and again on stage in the latter part of the video.

Also seen are the Judges which included Seviria Cosplay and Maru.

Sorry for the issue with the focus. Shooting in a dark room tends to mess with the focus alot and I needed to lock the focus to view properly.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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My Favorite YouTubers and why you should sell your TV: Part 1

Hello everyone again,

I did want to do this a day sooner as I have it planned that I would do one blog every Wednesday. Maybe that’s optimistic. Maybe once every two weeks. Who knows.

I am however here to share with everyone my favorite YouTube experiences both past and present. Part of being a good videographer means watching a lot of videos and I do tend to watch quite a bit. I’m subscribed to exactly 330 youtubers and get regular new content from maybe only 30 or them.  I’ll watch about 10 videos a day on my Iphone and PC with each watch session ranging between 2 minutes and 15.

That seems like a lot of YouTube. What could I have possibly been watching for the past 8 years of youtubery.  I’m going to try and show everyone that and even embed their videos into this post.

Upon watching these videos, you will probably wind up selling your TV because they are indeed that awesome and who the hell watches LA LAW anyways? I  haven’t had cable for my TV in over 10 years as I became too internet centric to be bothered to watch it. Paying for cable is a huge waste of money for me.

I think I’ll make this a serial blog as the video windows will likely stretch the blog page to incredible lengths. Plus I do have A LOT of people I subscribe to.

So here some of my favorite popular YouTubers:

This is “Exotic” Jess Lizama . I’ve been a watcher of her for about 3 years now and have probably seen about 100 of her videos. I like to watch her because she is a very happy and pretty lady who always has a lot of positivity and humour to her. I’ve been in her live chat room several times before and even in person she is very friendly.

She does several different types of video: Vlogging, Skits comedy collaborations, Subjects, beauty tips, music video acting, cosplay, parodies, and just about anything else you can do with video. She is quite the video enthusiast and has a lot of friends who are YouTubers that appear in her videos and herself appearing in theirs.

Fluffee, the Canadian Comedian who I actually met once at the first Fan Expo about 2 years ago:

He mostly talks about news topics and then proceeds to discuss or make fun of them depend, of course, on the subject.  He has also some skits and a separate video game channel.

He can be quite rude, crude and immature. He is, however, a very funny guy.

Speaking of Rude and Crude,  We have the Amazing Atheist who also goes by the titles of Douchebag, Neck Beard and Loud Mouth. He is an atheist who doesn’t believe in a God and makes commentaries on religion, feminism, Tumblr, and numerous other social issues.

I mostly subscribe for his anti-feminist commentaries. This video in particular takes a stab not just at feminism but any sort of generalization that people do of races, genders, cultures and religion.

Quite easily among the funniest ladies on YouTube who quite regularly puts out videos. She talks about anything that is annoying to her and then does an entire self starring video of it. She has mastered the art multiple self projection that allows her to play the role of several skit characters at one time. A definite must subscribe!!

And Last but not least, a group of dancing Korean ladies because.. ummm. Don’t let your boss of your wife see this.

The group is called Waveya and they do dance covers of American and Korean music. This particular video is their most popular but not their most awesome video.

This is:

Thats all for right now. I’ll continue the series later next month and show everyone some other great YouTubers.

Cheers and Good day.

Oh, and you should check out my most recent video before Darth Vader force pushes you off a cliff:

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Video Promotion: How to use it to increase video views when you have very few subscribers.

Hello again everyone.

I just wanted to announce this video here in one last strive to promote this video. It’s is a continuation of my “Cosplay Videography” series.  If you liked my other entries posted on my previous blog entry then I’m sure you will like this one even more. It’s likely the best cosplay shooting I’ve done to date. It also has classical music as a soundtrack which are always great to listen to. If you like this video then please share it on your social media.

There you go.  Just by adding this link to this WordPress page I’ve increased the likelyhood of this video getting seen. With all the other promotions I’ve done  so far, I’ve managed to get the video 240 views. It received 135 views in just the first day of it’s release and has been getting between 3 and 6 views a day ever since.

Not very much even with the promotion unfortunately but far better then relying on my subscribers and the search engine to get views.  It’s pretty tough to get even 1000 views on a video especially with so many other videos out there.  It would help to have a massive subscriber count but alas, I only have about 114 subscribers.  Likely-hood is that only 5 or 10 of them are paying attention since some of my subscribers have been on my list for 8 years and are probably dead accounts.

That being said,  please subscribe to my channel and I will offer you a good variety of videos ranging from conventions, blogging, events and video games. Blah Blah Blah:

Who knows, promoting my channel here might get me 1000 new subscribers. HAHAHA.

But yes, if you are like me then you probably need to promote your video in order for get people to actually watch it and overcome the density of videos on YouTube.  I shall attempt to give some advice on how you can do that.

1. Know your audience: Pretty straight forward and obvious. For any video to be successful it needs to be targeted at an audience that is interested in it.  For my video, it would be directed at people who attended the convention, fans of cosplay, fans of science fiction/comics/anime/movies  and fans of specific characters seen in the video.  Posting in unrelated forums might get people mad and will likely result in the post getting deleted.

2. When doing video of events, get the video done as soon as possible: For a video like mine, timing is important. You need to get your video done and posted while peoples excitement levels are high. The later you post a video, the less likely people will be checking the related event wall for content. I got this video out within a week and it was OK timing as I would of preferred posting it a day or two after. It did reel in 135 views within the first 24 hours of publishing but might of been more had I posted it sooner.

3. Friends, Family, and Colleagues: The most interesting people in your life are also the most likely help promote your video. The more friends you have, the more likely your video will receive a ton of views. Sharing is caring and hopefully your popular friends will share your video on their websites and social media. Be sure to mention in your Facebook posting “If you like the video then please share” so hopefully they will. Your parents are the most likely to share.

Having your friends in the video itself might also increase the chances of them sharing it. Case in point, this video.

4. Word of Mouth: Going out to social gatherings and telling various people about your video can attract views to your video and possibly subscribers. Informing them of your alias on YouTube and the name of the video can help them find the video. You can even show your video on your data enabled smartphone or on a home PC.

5. Social Media: Probably the most obvious and most used means of promoting. Finding groups related to your target audience can yield some pretty good results. Facebook has been most useful after I received 66 views for this video from it after two friends shared it on their newfeeds and from groups I posted the link in.

Twitter has entire pages dedicated to various subjects and relies on the owner retweeting the link.

Tumblr might work but it seems very messy. I post there just in case.

We shall wait and see how well WordPress works.

6. Networking: Try and remember that you are not competing with other video makers but rather competing with Google and YouTube.  If possible, try to exchange video links with other video makers making similar videos so both of you can share viewers. It used to be easier to do this when YouTube had a video responses feature but you now have to post links to your videos in the comment area and get them approved. Popular YouTubers might find this annoying but other YouTubers of similar caliber might appreciate it as long as you negotiate beforehand.

7. Refining your search terms: Relying on search engines and tagging is the most passive means of promoting your video and can get you views depending on the popularity of the terms and where you video fits on the search results page.  Youtube and Google are the worlds largest search engines so you really want to try and apply as many relate-able terms as possible since it can increase the chances of someone finding your video.

According to Josh Rimer, the most successful YouTuber in Vancouver, your video needs to be on the first page of a search result for it to be successful at gaining views from it. The less specific the search term, the more successful your ability to get views from the search engine will be if your video lands the first page. The further down the list you are, the less likely you are to get views from that search term.

In the case of this video, it won’t fare too well when you do a search for “Cosplay” as this list is flooded with ridiculously successful videos. Mine is probably on page 1000 of this list:

It did however fair better on the search term “Cosplay Videography”. Granted, most people probably won’t use this search term. But heyyyy.. all 3 of my cosplay videos show up on the first page of this list. Counts of some kind of a win I guess:

Heres hoping alot of people are using “Vancouver Fan Expo 2014 Cosplay” as I am rocking it on that list:

So yeah, overall it’s pretty hard to compete with this method. For a video to get high on this list relies on the number of total minutes of watchtime it receives. My video probably fares better then most since it does well with watchtime (5 mintues average).

For this cosplay video, I used general terms like “British Columbia” “Vancouver” “Fan Expo” “2014” “Cosplay Videography” “Cosplay”.  More specific terms would be something like “Disney” “Frozen” “Marvel” “DC” “Batman” “League of Legends” since those are cosplays seen in the video. YouTube does have a large limit to the amounts of terms you can use so you may as well try as use a many as you can fit.

8. Tagging: #Tagging allows people to see related tweets and Facebook posts. Depending on the popularity of the tag, it can either be impossible to find your video or not.  For a video like mine, it will probably get smothered under a tidal wave of thousands of other #cosplay posts. Oftentimes, people will retweet a post 10 times in order for it to be seen. My tweet subscribers would probably hate me for posting the same tweet 10 times so I prefer to avoid that.

That, as far as I can tell, is the most you can do short of having 10,000 subscribers. Having a lot of subscribers is still the most reliable means of getting views are those are people committed to watching your videos. However, even the most successful YouTuber spends a lot of time promoting their videos and channel in order to get views for their video as it is tough to compete against the giant abyss that is YouTube.

Thank you for reading. Please subscribe.  HAHA.

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